What is Fathom you ask? It is only the most advanced e-reader for kids in the world. Here’s why!

We Have Books

We are so worldly because we have books in TEN languages. All books instantly switch between available languages or readers have a bilingual mode option for side-by-side comparison. Test your skills with Spanish, French, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Bahasa Indonesian, Japanese, Arabic, and Thai.

Though, Fathom books are not just simple text on a page – audio and word highlighting enhance the experience. Recordings by native speakers of each language are timed perfectly with word, sentence, or fragment highlighting to help learners with pronunciation. If you didn’t catch a word, just tap it to hear the pronunciation again. Or, if the reader is going too fast, slide the speed down a notch. Too Slow? Race ahead at the fastest pace.

We Have Video

Do you want to read a book to a family member far away, or to your teacher waiting your assignment? The video record feature is fun for sharing or helpful to teachers in a remote setting. Kids can also practice their reading skill aloud and playback the books they have read.

We Have Fun

Once you have gotten the most out of book reading, check out some of the interactive features. Younger readers will love finding animal sounds on each page in a select number of picture books, while older readers will find fun extras in the teaching guides – because who doesn’t still love a good word hunt or coloring page. Educators can use the teaching worksheets for more in-depth lessons in science, math, or language arts. Even some pre and post reading questions make great assignments to get students thinking!

We Have Educators Covered

Finally, keep all the grades in one place with a Learning Management System. A dashboard organizes classes and grades for educators and students. Progress is tracked on graphs, or dive deeper into individual reading times and grades. Teachers can assign quizzes with all question types and grading is automatic on all but short answer and essay questions.

If grading isn’t so cut and dry, and you need to get in contact with a student send a message or direct chat within the platform. We understood how cumbersome it is to exit one program to open another send an email then wait, so we gave everyone options!

But don’t take our word for it, try Fathom for yourself. Fathom has a fully operational Demo!