Learning science and math skills virtually can be hard. Even students that are very skilled in these areas can experience frustration and give up. We sympathize with the teachers and parents trying to work through these problems to keep their students learning and happy.

Fathom Reads Library

We have curated and organized our library with these learners in mind. If you have a football fan that needs help with counting or a mystery solver that needs help with subtraction, there is a book in our library for that. Animal lovers have hundreds of titles in both fiction and nonfiction that include biology, classification, or habitat information.

Books from publishers like Teacher Created Materials have helpful hints throughout the text for learning new science and math skills. These books are filled with fun facts and visual elements that make tough concepts a little easier to digest when paired with your curriculum.

Teacher Created Materials Books

Arbordale Publishing books have an educational section after the story that introduces some of the more technical elements of science and math concepts and even have activities for kids to test their knowledge.

Arbordale Publishing Books

Both Rourke Education Media and Amicus Publishing have a variety of science and math nonfiction books that introduce concepts include simple language and further learning through questions and diagrams.

Amicus Publishing and Rourke Educational Media

Readers or teachers can find just the right title through the Fathom Reads filters. We have designed the filters to follow curriculum topics, so if you need a multiplication book, filter by subject, choose math, and find all you need in expressions and equations. Science is just as easy to find an engineering book or find an introduction to anatomy.

Take a tour of the Fathom Reads library and see a preview of each title using the live demo or sign up for a free trial. Next week we will show you how the learning management system compliments your cross-curricular learning.


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