Are you looking for some fun and entertaining books for your students this month? If so, you’re in luck! We’ve put together a list of 10 eBooks that can help your students to stay engaged and get excited about reading. This list includes something for everyone, so sit back and enjoy our March Must Read List!

  1. Ramadan by R.J. Bailey 

This year, Ramadan begins on March 22nd.  Help your young readers learn more about the holiday with this book. It reviews the purpose of the holiday and the various ways it is celebrated with the help of graphics, diagrams and a glossary. After reading, learn more about Ramadan with the safe search engine listed at the end of the book! 

Topic: Start of Ramadan (March 22) 

Publisher: Jump!, Inc.  

Recommended Age(s): 4-7 

Recommended Grade Level(s):

2. Malala Yousafzai by Rachel Rose 

At a young age, Malala Yousafzai fought for the equal right to education for girls across the world. This book, designed for young readers, shines a bright light on this fearless activist and her noble actions. If you are looking for ways to celebrate Women’s History Month, this would be a great way to get started! 


Topic: Women’s History Month 

Publisher: Bearport Publishing 

Recommended Age(s): 6 years 

Recommended Grade Level(s): 1  

3. My Life with Down Syndrome by Mari Schuch, Illustrated by Isabel Muñoz 

Creating an inclusive classroom in which all students feel accepted and valued is an important part of education. One way to foster an inclusive classroom is to recognize differences rather than acting as if they do not exist. Get started or continue your inclusivity efforts on World Down Syndrome Day with this book which follows Peter, a boy who loves drums and gym class who also has Down Syndrome. After reading, check out these resources to take learning a step further.  

Topic: World Down Syndrome Day (March 21) 

Publisher: Amicus Publishing 

Recommended Age(s): 5-8 years 

Recommended Grade Level(s): K-3 

Language(s): English & Spanish  

4. Pandas’ Earthquake Escape by Phyllis J. Perry, Illustrated by Susan Detwiler 

March 16th is National Panda Day in the United States! Around the world, there are currently only 1,800 giant pandas living in their natural habitat. Although they are no longer considered endangered, giant pandas are still considered a vulnerable species. Raise awareness among your students by reading Pandas’ Earthquake Escape which tells the story of how a giant panda survived a 7.9 magnitude earthquake. After reading, take advantage of the teaching activities provided!  

Topic: National Panda Day (March 16) 

Publisher: Arbordale Publishing 

Recommended Age(s): 7-8 years 

Recommended Grade Level(s): 2-3 

Languages: English, Spanish, Thai, Mandarin, Bhasha & Japanese 

5. 12 Women in Education by Marne Ventura 

This read from 12 Story Library tells the stories of 12 diverse women who made an impact in the world of education. Some include Carla Hayden, Buffy Sainte-Marie and Mary McLeod Bethune. Each chapter includes photographs, fun facts and sidebars which encourage readers to think further on their own. With that said, this book would be great for upper elementary students to celebrate Women’s History Month.  

Topic: Women’s History Month 

Publisher: 12 Story Library 

Recommended Age(s): 8-11 years 

Recommended Grade Level(s): 3-5 

6. The Bread Book by Tony Hyland 

Did you know? National French Bread Day is a tasty celebration enjoyed across the United States on March 21st.  As silly as it may seem, “celebrating” this day with The Bread Book would be a great way to help students learn practical and real-world applications of math skills. This book discusses geometry topics, multiplication, division, graphs and even cooking measurements in ways that are all related to bread. Educators should also consider using this book for a sequence writing activity using the bread recipe at the end of the book!  

Topic: National French Bread Day 

Publisher: Teacher Created Materials  

Recommended Age: 8-12 years 

Recommended Grade Level(s): 3-6 

Languages: English & Spanish 

7. Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton by Harriet Isecke 

Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton are two key figures in the women’s suffrage movement. Although they may not have seen women get the right to vote, they paved the way for future women activists to make it happen. This book would be great to use in a social studies, history or government class during Women’s History Month because of its discussion of women’s voting rights in the U.S.  

Topic: Women’s History Month 

Publisher: Teacher Created Materials 

Recommended Age(s): 8-14 years  

Recommended Grade Level(s): 3-8 

Languages: English & Spanish  

8. The Poet Upstairs by Judith Ortiz Cofer, Illustrated by Oscar Ortiz 

In 1999 at its 30th General Conference, UNESCO adopted March 21st as World Poetry Day. This day celebrates poetry, “one of humanity’s most treasured forms of cultural and linguistic expression.” With this book, readers will follow a girl named Juliana as poetry takes her from a cold bedroom to a sparkling island. It truly demonstrates how poetry can change the world.  

Topic: World Poetry Day 

Publisher: Arte Público 

Recommended Age(s): 9-12 years 

Recommended Grade Level(s): 5-7 

9. César Chávez: The Struggle for Justice by Richard Griswold del Castillo

César Chávez was a visionary civil rights, Latino and farm labor leader. As an activist he led a non-violent protest movement that was successful in bettering the working conditions for farmworkers across the U.S. In fact, his efforts still benefit over 2.5 million individuals decades later. By reading this book, students can learn more about Chávez and his foundational efforts. 

Topic: Cesar Chavez Day 

Publisher: Arte Público 

Recommended Age: 9-11 years 

Recommended Grade Level: 4-6 

Languages: English & Spanish 

10. Wildlife Conservation with Robert Irvin by Kristy Stark 

The United Nations began World Wildlife Day in 2013 to “celebrate and raise awareness of the world’s wild animals and plants.” This year, the UN is choosing to highlight the people who are making a difference when it comes to wildlife conservation. So, given the theme for this year’s World Wildlife Day, we think this is the perfect read for middle grade students. Not only will they learn more about wildlife conservation, but they will also learn about a strong teenager making a positive difference in the world.

Topic: World Wildlife Day 

Publisher: Full Tilt Press 

Recommended Age: 10-15 years 

Recommended Grade Level: 5-8 

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