Digital Learning is a type of learning that involves the use of technology. Digital Learning Day is the perfect time to celebrate how the use of digital tools can engage students and empower educators. We’ve put together a list of ideas you can use to celebrate: 

Technology Based Scavenger Hunt: Plan a scavenger hunt in your school or classroom using digital tools. For example, place QR codes around your classroom or school which all link to a hint. Have students scan the QR codes to find clues which lead them to the final prize. 

Virtual Field Trip: Take students to explore the world from their desks through virtual field trips. Allow them to explore independently, with a partner, in groups or as a whole class. Here is a list of just a few places to visit: Taj Mahal, San Diego Zoo, New England Aquarium, The Louvre, and Machu Picchu.

Online Book Club: Encourage students to take part in an online book club using live video chat. During their meetings, students can read and discuss various eBooks. Teachers can assign questions to discuss or let students take the lead and discuss topics that algin with their interests.

Assistive Technology Demonstrations: Have students explore assistive technologies on various digital platforms. After they compile their research, let students present their findings to the class. Not only is this a great way to help students learn more about digital learning platforms, but it also helps to teach inclusivity as students will learn more about different learning styles and academic needs.

Virtual Read Aloud: Organize a virtual read aloud with students using eBooks and live video conferencing. Whether it’s after school or on a virtual learning day, this can take time anywhere at any time. If you are working with older students, have them take control and organize a virtual read aloud for younger students using the same technologies.

Remember, the goal of Digital Learning Day is to celebrate the power of technology in education. Be sure to give students the chance to explore on their own to find the technology that meets their needs. Allow yourself to think creatively when planning lessons to celebrate this day—the results are endless!  


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