May is here meaning its a great time to explore new books for the last stretch of the school year! This must read list includes 10 different eBooks available on Fathom Reads that can be used to captivate students throughout the month. Targeting a wide range of ages, grade levels, and topics, this list surely has something for everyone. Now, go ahead and explore this list to find your next classroom favorite!

Nurses by Cari Meister

Topic: Nurses Week

Publisher: Jump!, Inc.

Recommended Age(s): 4-7

Recommended Grade Level(s): Kindergarten

Explore the world of nursing with Jump!’s Community Helpers series book, perfect for early readers. With colorful photos and leveled text, children will learn about the duties of nurses in clinics, hospitals, and emergency rooms. The book also features labeled diagrams, picture glossaries, and reading tips for parents and teachers, making it an engaging and informative read for Nurses Week.

Bees Build Beehives by Elizabeth Raum

Topic: World Bee Day

Publisher: Amicus Publishing

Recommended Age(s): 5-8

Recommended Grade Level(s): K-3

With this illustrated narrative nonfiction book, students will discover the amazing world of bees and their hive behavior. They will also earn how bees build new hives and raise baby bees when their colony becomes overcrowded. With a range map and a fun “Build Like a Bee” hands-on activity, this book offers an interactive way for young readers to engage with the material. A glossary and additional resources make it an informative and educational read for the UN holiday, World Bee Day!

Carolina’s Story by Donna Rathmell

Topic: World Turtle Day

Publisher: Arbordale Publishing

Recommended Age(s): 7-8

Recommended Grade Level(s): 2-3

Languages: English & Spanish

Experience the heartwarming journey of Carolina, a critically ill sea turtle, as she receives care at a Sea Turtle Hospital in this touching photographic journal. Young readers will find Carolina’s story relatable as she undergoes medical treatments similar to those of sick or injured children. The book’s “For Creative Minds” section offers fun facts, conservation information, and a make-your-own sea turtle craft, making it an educational and inspiring read that also supports a worthy cause.

Celebrating All Families by Abby Colich

Topic: International Family Day

Publisher: Jump!, Inc.

Recommended Age(s): 7-11

Recommended Grade Level(s): 2-3

Languages: English & Spanish

Celebrate the importance of empathy and acceptance in diverse family structures with Celebrating All Families. This engaging book teaches social and emotional learning (SEL) concepts and includes activities and exercises to reinforce its message of inclusion. As we recognize International Day of Families on May 15, this book reminds us that our communities are stronger when we come together with empathy and support for all family types.

Dalia’s Wondrous Hair by Laura Lacámara

Topic: Latino Books Month

Publisher: Arte Público

Recommended Age(s): 7-9

Recommended Grade Level(s): 2-3

“Dalia’s Wondrous Hair / El cabello maravilloso de Dalia” is a bilingual picture book that tells the imaginative story of a girl’s hair growing tall and thick like a Cuban royal palm tree. This whimsical tale, accompanied by vibrant illustrations and a guide to creating a butterfly garden at home, celebrates the beauty and magic of nature. With a bilingual glossary of plant and animals species native to Cuba, this book is a perfect fit for Latino Books Month as it promotes bilingualism and cultural awareness.

Hand to Paw: Protecting Animals by Jessica Cohn

Topic: National Endangered Species Day

Publisher: Teacher Created Materials

Recommended Age(s): 8-12

Recommended Grade Level(s): 3-6

Inspire young readers to make a difference through animal activism with this informative nonfiction book. With vibrant images and charts, readers will learn about various programs and organizations that work to protect animals and their habitats. The book also includes helpful websites and suggestions for ways to get involved in animal activism, from baking homemade dog biscuits to exploring careers in helping sick or injured animals. This book is a great resource for young readers to explore on National Endangered Species Day.

Explore Brazil: 12 Key Facts by Todd Kortemeier

Topic: Portuguese Language Day

Publisher: 12 Story Library

Recommended Age(s): 8-11

Recommended Grade Level(s): 3-5

Explore the fascinating aspects of Brazil with this engaging book for young readers. With 12 different topics including history, geography, and culture, readers will discover what makes Brazil unique. This book is perfect for Portuguese Language Day as it highlights a country where Portuguese is the official language.

22nd Century: Future of Space by Stephanie Paris

Topic: National Space Day

Publisher: Teacher Created Materials

Recommended Age(s): 9-13

Recommended Grade Level(s): 4-7

Languages: English & Spanish

In this captivating nonfiction read, students can take a journey to the 22nd century and explore the future of space making it perfect for World Space Day. With fascinating information about alien life, artificial intelligence, and the technology that may one day allow humans to live on other planets, elementary readers will be intrigued and excited. Packed with Time For Kids© content, engaging diagrams, and vibrant images, this book also includes useful text features such as a glossary, index, and a list of websites for further exploration.

Biodiversity by Carla Mooney

International Day for Biological Diversity

Publisher: Rourke Educational Media

Recommended Age(s): 9-11

Recommended Grade Level(s): 4-6

This informative book explores the incredible diversity of life on Earth and the interconnectedness between different species. It provides detailed insights into the various biomes and the biodiversity they contain, as well as the threats faced by plants and animals in these biomes and the possibility of extinction. This book could serve as a valuable read on International Day for Biological Diversity, which aims to raise awareness about the importance of preserving and protecting biodiversity.

Surviving Space by Kristin J. Russo

Topic: National Space Day

Publisher: Full Tilt Press

Recommended Age(s): 10-15

Recommended Grade Level(s): 5-8

Surviving in Space recounts the harrowing experiences of five astronauts who faced life-threatening situations in the most remote and hostile environments. Through their incredible stories of survival, readers will be captivated by the human spirit’s resilience and determination to overcome adversity. This nonfiction book, filled with thrilling accounts and stunning visuals, is a perfect read for National Space Day to inspire and educate readers about the challenges of space exploration.

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