May Must Read List

May is here meaning its a great time to explore new books for the last stretch of the school year! This must read list includes 10 different eBooks available on Fathom Reads that can be used to captivate students throughout the month. Targeting a wide range of ages, grade levels, and topics, this list surely has something for everyone. Now, […]

Unlocking Emotional Intelligence through eBooks

According to the Committee for Children, social-emotional learning (SEL) is the “process of developing the self-awareness, self-control, and interpersonal skills that are vital for school, work, and life success.” It helps students to better identify their emotions, manage stress and build healthy relationships and so much more. Because of all the benefits associated with SEL, many schools have been incorporating […]

How Listening While Reading Enhances Learning

Are you looking for ways to enhance reading in your classroom? Why not try Listening While Reading (LWR)! It is a technique that involves reading a text while also listening to an audio version of the same text. It has been shown to improve fluency and reading comprehension. This article will explain the benefits of LWR and provide tips on […]

Math Meets Literature: Using Storytelling to Teach Numbers

When we think of how to teach math to students, literature usually isn’t a part of the answer. However, studies have shown that using literature is an effective means for teaching math to students1. By using literature, students can apply math concepts to real-world scenarios, helping to make learning fun and engaging. Fathom reads is an excellent resource for educators seeking […]

Boost Student Learning with eBooks: Five Reasons eBooks are Great for Students

1. They help encourage a love for reading. eBooks can be fun and interactive, helping to bring books to life. Rather than reading stagnant text, some eBooks include dynamic text that moves as the narrator reads. eBooks often include multimedia content such as videos and interactive illustrations which enhance reading experiences. With these features, students can stay engaged and foster […]

3 Ways Literature Helps in Language Learning

Learning another language is a highly beneficial initiative, especially among young students who are typically still forming cognitively and emotionally. Language experts have even come to determine that learning a language can improve brain function, create academic advantages, and foster compassion. But learning a language isn’t always an easy feat. For many students it can even come off more like […]


Finding the Perfect ESL Resources for Your Teaching Philosophy

Many English language learners are starting well behind their peers with vocabulary. Finding resources to help bring them up to speed in the classroom is a daunting task for administrators.


How to Find the Time: A Few Tips for Independent Reading

In 2020 the International Literacy Association surveyed educators on the hot issues in literacy. From this, we learned that you value independent reading time for students but rarely get to leave enough time for it. You think that home and classroom libraries need more diversity, and those collections should be larger. You would also like more professional development for digital […]


Learning to Read by Sounding it Out

To beginning readers, coming across a new, complicated word is very intimidating. Early in the process of learning to read, we learn to recognize sight words, common sounds, and phonics or informally “sounding it out.”   A recent article, Why phonics was key in one district’s reading growth, profiles one school district. It shows that revisiting phonics at various ages made reading […]