What is World Aquatic Animal Day?

Celebrated annually on April 3rd, World Aquatic Animal Day aims at raising awareness about aquatic animals. More specifically animals that primarily live in water, such as dolphins, whales, sharks, lobsters and all kinds of fish. These animals are crucial to our ecosystem and play a large role in maintaining a healthy earth, however many people fail to recognize their importance. To help spread awareness, we have put together a list of resources you can use in your classroom on this special day:  




Engage & Explore More:

Did you know that select eBooks on Fathom Reads include additional resources to help facilitate teaching? Resources include teaching activities, videos, jigsaw puzzles, reading questions and more! Below you will find some resources, all found on Fathom Reads, that are specifically aligned with the books listed above.:

Coloring Pages: 

  • Water Beds: Sleeping in the Ocean 
  • A Day in the Deep 

Jigsaw Puzzles: 

  • If a Dolphin Were a Fish 
  • Water Beds: Sleeping in the Ocean 
  • A Day in the Deep 
  • Ocean Seasons 

Educational Videos:

Dive into more fun resources on Fathom Reads! Let us know how you celebrate World Aquatic Animal Day in the comments below, we can’t wait to hear!

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