What is Word Guesser?

The Word Guesser game on Fathom Reads is a word-guessing game that challenges players to guess a word within six tries. As players enter a word, the letters used will change colors to represent how close their guess is to the secret word.

On Fathom Reads, users can access the Word Guesser game in three different modes:

  • Daily Word: Each day users will be challenged to guess a new, secret word in six tries. Once a user either guesses the word correctly, or runs out of tries, they will have to wait until the next day to try for a new word.
  • Standard: In this mode, users can play as many times as they want. It is similar to the daily word mode in that they only get six tries to guess one word but once they guess the word or run out of tries, a new, random word will automatically repopulate. Users also have the ability to choose the word length (4,5 or 6 letters).
  • Timed: In this mode, the basic rules are the same as those in the standard mode. However, they are challenged to guess as many words as they can in five minutes. If they guess a word in under 45 seconds, they are granted more time on the clock.

How does the Word Guesser Benefit my Classroom?

Engaging and Interactive Learning:
The Word Guesser game offers an interactive learning experience for students, making it an ideal tool to keep them interested in the topic at hand. By combining gamification elements with phonics exercises, students are more likely to remain engaged and motivated throughout the learning process.

Reinforcement of Phonics Skills:
Phonics instruction forms the foundation for early reading and language development. Through the game’s word-guessing mechanics, students can put what they’ve learned to use and enter words using a specific phonics skill. As students continue to play, they will be able to recognized patterns of words, and better understand how phonemes and graphemes work together.

Collaborative Learning:

The Word Guesser game can be used a tool to promote collaboration among students. Educators can integrate this game into group activities as a way to encourage students to work together to solve the word puzzle together. This approach fosters teamwork and enhances communication skills which both contribute to a positive learning community.

By incorporating the Word Guesser game into the classroom, educators can utilize the power of gamification to turn phonics instruction into an engaging and effective learning experience. Explore this tool, and more, on Fathom Reads today. Once you use this tool with your students, let us know how it went in the comments below!

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