Are you ready to score big with Fathom Reads eBooks? One of the best ways to get children excited about reading the things they love, and for sports enthusiasts, we have just what they want! From rock climbing, to cheerleading, soccer and more, our eBooks will keep children reading for fun!

What it Takes to be A Pro Soccer Player by Kaitlyn Duling

Soccer is the world’s most popular sport. Some pro players are international celebrities. This book is a frank and fascinating look at what it takes to play pro soccer, from starting young to playing in community leagues, joining traveling teams, college play, and being fit and agile on the field. Chapters cover the history of the game, a day in the life of a pro hockey player, women in soccer, and playing overseas. Each chapter features attention-grabbing photos and examples from the lives of well-known athletes.

Publisher: 12 Story Library

Recommended Age(s): 8-11

Recommended Grade Level(s): 3-5

Olympic Technology by John Lockyer

In the Olympic Games, a fraction of a second can make all the difference between winning and losing. New technology has helped athletes improve their skills, and the use of computers to record accurate times makes every split second count! With vibrant photos, math charts and diagrams, grade-appropriate text, and informational text features to help navigate the text, students will learn practical, real-world applications of math skills as they learn about elapsed time and build their STEM skills.

Publisher: Teacher Created Materials

Recommended Age(s): 8-12

Recommended Grade Level(s): 3-6

Languages: English & Spanish

The Bike Race by Rachel Bach

A photo-illustrated book for beginning readers that tells the story of a BMX bike race. Who will win? You’ll have to read to find out!

Publisher: Amicus Publishing

Recommended Age(s): 5-7

Recommended Grade Level(s): K-3

Languages: English & French

Defying Gravity! Rock Climbing by Christine Dugan

Using their hands, feet, and determination, rock climbers defy gravity and conquer amazing challenges! Readers will learn about the important aspects a rock climber must go through to prepare for a climb–from choosing the right climbing equipment to mapping out a training schedule. This nonfiction title uses detailed images and informational text in conjunction with math skills and upper-level features such as chapter format, a glossary of terms, and an index to engage and intrigue readers about the world of rock climbing.

Publisher: Teacher Created Materials

Recommended Age(s): 7-12

Recommended Grade Level(s): 3-6

Languages: English & Spanish

Fall Sports by Finley Fraser

Footballs fly through the air, soccer balls zoom down a field, and pom-poms wave. Which fall sports do you play? Learn about all the sports that make fall fun!

Publisher: Bearport Publishing

Recommended Age(s): 6

Recommended Grade Level(s): 1

Superstars of the Houston Texans by Allan Morey

This photo-illustrated book will introduce young readers to the superstars of the Houston Texans. Readers will learn about the team’s history in the NFL, star players’ accomplishments, and more. Includes fast facts and football words to know. Not your favorite team? Check out our other titles on different NFL teams!

Publisher: Amicus Publishing

Recommended Age(s): 5-8

Recommended Grade Level(s): K-3

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