1. They help encourage a love for reading.

eBooks can be fun and interactive, helping to bring books to life. Rather than reading stagnant text, some eBooks include dynamic text that moves as the narrator reads. eBooks often include multimedia content such as videos and interactive illustrations which enhance reading experiences. With these features, students can stay engaged and foster a love for reading.  

2. They’re inclusive and accessible.

eBooks are an effective accommodation for students with learning differences. Some eBook platforms, like Fathom Reads, offer accessibility features making it easier for students to digest content. Plus, there’s no stigma around using accessibility features. No one needs to know what students are reading, or what features they are using! 

3. They provide students with access to diverse content.

With eBook platforms like Fathom Reads, students have access to thousands of books. No one book is the same as another, introducing students to a wide variety of authors, genres, and perspectives. Learning new things by reading has never been easier. 

4. They are easy and convenient.

eBooks can be accessed anywhere, any time with a click of a button. Platform interfaces tend to be user-friendly, making it easier for younger students to navigate on their own. And you can save time and skip a trip to the library – just read from your phone, computer, or tablet! 

5. They help to challenge students.

As mentioned, eBook platforms provide students with access to thousands of books. This means that students have access to a variety of books that are more advanced than what students are currently reading. With built in accessibility features and comprehension checks, students can explore the more challenging content in a low-risk environment.  

At Fathom Reads, our eBook collection is always growing! Explore our eBook library here. Don’t have an account but want to see all the platform has to offer? Try our free demo here.  

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